Five years on managing my own cloud provider: lessons learned

  1. hosting your own cloud may cause data loss, unless very careful measures are taken
  2. you will spend a lot of time doing manual linux configuration, manual system maintainance, and also reading lots texts/tutorials on the Internet
  3. you will likely spend more money (in equipments/tools) than just paying some proprietary cloud provider
  4. do not incentive friends and family to join your cloud (this is VERY important!)… incentive them to use what they feel more comfortable with (you need to be really motivated about privacy to host a cloud)
  5. uptime and bandwidth will certainly be less than proprietary clouds, and physical risk of destruction of the cloud is also possible (by fire, water, etc)

Choosing good hardware and software

Configuring and Own Cloud server instance in ARM

Handling passwords and sensitive data

Efficiency of the private cloud

uptime of 99,5% in recent 30 days of operation

Handling crashes

Final words (for now)




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Igor Machado

Igor Machado

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